Easybitcoin is a unique Chat based GPT and PTC website.

Easybitcoin has its own custom built bitcoin based GPT engine. With this engine advertisers can pay Bitcoin to get real visitors to their websites at very competitive prices, and our members can get paid Bitcoin for viewing those websites.

Easybitcoins PTC engine ensures that any IP can only view each website once every 24 hours. This means that even if a member has multiple accounts, they will still only be able to view each website advertised once in every 24 hrs.

The Easybitcoin PTC engine uses the hCaptcha system to ensure that humans are viewing the website and not robots.

How does hCaptcha compare with googles reCAPTCHA?
hCaptcha stops bots and spam, and does a better job of protecting our users' privacy than googles reCAPTCHA.

Advertisers can select how long they want our members to view their website for. From 10 seconds up to 2 minutes. This time is strictly enforced, when a member is viewing a website they will be unable to view another one at the same time. Members must view one webiste at a time to get credited for the view.

Advertisers can be sure that each visitor has a real interest in Bitcoin - so if you have a Bitcoin related website, then easybitcoin offers you the perfect advertising solution! Affordable real visitors that are targeted towards BITCOIN.

Advertisers can see full stats in the back end on all advertising purchased at Easybitcoin.

We have served 2561 clicks to 2740 members!
We have served 1134934 impressions to 2740 members!

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